About Spoorthi Vishwas

“If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality.” is what an assiduous Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Influencer and acclaimed South Indian Actress, the resolute and determined Spoorthi Vishwas believes.

The Journey

MBA graduate, certified life coach, celebrated presenter for more than 1000+ shows nationally and internationally, young achiever award winner from Whistle Woods- Mumbai , featured as ‘Alpha Female’ by Ritz magazine, recognised as Top 5 Actors turned successful entrepreneurs by Femina, awarded as 30 Women Entrepreneurs to watch out in India – 2019 by CEO story and her recent milestone being recognised as Economics Times Edge ‘Emerging Leader of South’ by Femina, this eternal unswerving dreamer has a long trail of achievements and accomplishments.

To add to these impressive and awe inspiring achievements, Spoorthi is now a Founder & Director to not one but three distinguished companies.

  • Dream Big Vision Private Limited – A Training & Development Company
  • Dream Big Celebrations – Event Management Company (since 2011)
  • KWAA – Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards
  • IWAA – Indian Women Achievers Awards – The Only Uncommercial Award Ceremony for Women Achievers in India.

She proudly owns the trademark for these celebrated awards. Spoorthi Vishwas is now being recognized as one of the leading Female Trainers of India making a unique and distinctive difference by not just recognizing women achievers but also creating women achievers!

Spoorthi Vishwas

A Journey From
Dreams To Destiny

It is an uphill task to become an achiever, harder still to be a ‘woman’ achiever. The reason and motive behind KWAA and IWAA AWARDS is to bring to the forefront the unknown and unsung women achievers. The acknowledgment and recognition of such heroes will make others believe that it is possible. This book will further strengthen that resolve as there is nothing quite as powerful as reading about a woman who makes it big against all odds.

The resilience, strength and grit of these celebrated women will motivate all women. Sharing their stories universally will help women emulate the requisite skills and develop their unique tools to make the journey to victory a remarkable one. Spoorthi means Inspiration and Vishwas is Belief. She lives up to her name.

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